Thursday, November 19, 2015


Backpack from PC/NameTag. I ordered this backpack for my boyfriend. He recently lost his school backpack and had to use his old backpack again, and I didn't want him going back to his old backpack(even though its just a backpack). I thought I was going to buy him a backpack soon but I never have the money so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to get him a new one. Once I showed him he thought it was cool with all the pockets inside, he used it the next day after I gave him the backpack.


I ordered this backpack from PC/Name Tag

I ordered this backpack because my boyfriend and I like to go biking, and we like bringing our water bottles and some snacks and the backpack I already use for our biking trips was really small. So I thought I could order this one. And I obviously did. But when the backpack arrived on November 18, 2015 it was SO big. Like a school backpack, I didn't know it was that big but it's okay. I'm starting college next year, I could use the backpack for that.

Lucky Tiger

I e-mailed Lucky Tiger on November 6, 2015 and I got a response back November 9, 2015 saying;
"Hello Christa,

Thank you for your interest in Lucky Tiger, we appreciate people looking into our Men’s Grooming Line. We would be happy to provide you with sample sizes of our best selling products. I will send these out to the address below."

I received them in the mail Friday the 13, 2015(yes I know a late review, sorry) 

Inside the package were 7 .10FL oz. (3ml) face scrub, 8 .10FL oz. (3ml) face moisturizer, and 1. 3/4 FL oz. (20ml)

I ordered this free product for my boyfriend. He skates so I thought "why not let him try this out", 
keep his face clean from all the sweat and dirt. 

Friday, November 13, 2015


Dino Visor from 4promos. It's a pop up hat. At first I had trouble understanding how to make it so I gave it to my boyfriend to try and he was confused also, but I showed him the picture from the website and understood how to do it. I really like this hat, it's so cute. My boyfriends wants one too!

Breathe Right strips

2 Breathe Right strips. The first time my boyfriend and I tried this we put it on wrong so we took it off but it does smell very good!
Got this off Sample Source 


Epionce Sample kit

Sample Source Bona

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner from Sample Source.
I always have to have a clean/decent room and this product will help make my floors sparkle hehe.